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Bendy and the Ink Machine: Downward Fallnown as Downward Fall, was a Bendy and the Ink Machine fan-game developed by Zeronucks and use to be available on Game Jolt with the unknown release date (December 2017), but it was taken down by theMeatly Games several weeks later due to copyright issues (with same assets, over usage of textures taken from the official game while some are in original design, soundtracks, etc.) and violating the BATIM fanon policy. As a result, the game is eventually cancelled while the first part of the game is finished.

If the game were no longer cancelled, the game should use complete original textures, audio, and models along with a bigger team without getting taken down again by theMeatly Games.

Summary Edit

Two men are stuck at the bottom of Joey Drew Studios slowly running out of food and having to risk life and limb just for a few cans of Bacon Soup. On a food hunt gone wrong the main characters Pickers and Fetty are separated and have to find one another before the Ink Demon finds them.

Bendy is able to see them wherever they go due to his cutouts, destroying them only alerts Bendy to where you are and they come back from destruction either way, so the only way to cut his senses off from the workshop is to blindfold them, but even then that might not stop him. Help Pickers and Fetty finally escape the workshop.